Princess Cut

The World of East Bend

Director and Producer team Paul and Sheila Munger pulled off the startlingly impressive feat of bringing this charming story to the screen in their debut feature film. Set in beautiful farmlands of North Carolina, we felt that Princess Cut deserved a musical style that paid homage to the humble, honest roots of its world. Add just the right bit of romantic orchestra swoopiness and good ol’ fashioned washboard and spoons fun, and you have the recipe for the Princess Cut score!

Click “Play” to hear a preview from the Princess Cut Soundtrack!

Perfecting the Recipe

We used a number of traditional instruments like dulcimer, upright bass, upright piano, guitar, mandolin as the focal point of many cues. These, supported by string and wind sections of the orchestra, created the core sound of the Princess Cut score. Touches of atmospheric synthesizers and other electronic elements help fill the soundscapes and make them warm.

We bring the highest quality sampled instruments to every score we create, but sometimes, the music we work on needs a little something extra. For this film, we added in-studio recordings of mandolin and guitar into the music mixes, which helps to create the organic sound we were looking for. Adding real recorded performances of solo instruments is a technique we use as much as possible!

A Few More Things

In addition to seeing Princess Cut win runner-up for both “Audience Choice” and “Best Feature”, we were honored to receive a nomination for “Best Score” at the 2015 Christian Worldview Film Festival.

Click “Play” to hear another preview from the Princess Cut Soundtrack!

The Princess Cut soundtrack album is now available for purchase. You can find out more by clicking here.


Rick Holets is an independent film and visual media composer from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Rick likes to spend his time biking, building things, and enjoying his family. He is happy to be able to explore a world that ever increasingly points his heart to God.

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