The Refuge Movie

Angela Wold and her team bring you “Refuge”, a short indie action thriller. Refuge tells story of a contract killer who is conflicted about his calling when he is confronted with his past.

Working with Angela on the musical score for Refuge was enjoyable, in particular because of her enthusiasm for bringing great people to a project and then giving them the opportunity to inject their own creativity and ideas into the process. In our collaborative world this a critical ingredient for success!

Click below to watch the Refuge trailer.

Refuge from Angela Wold on Vimeo.

The Soundtrack

There is lots of grunge and rebellion in the story of Refuge, and it was always the goal to accent those flavors in the music we wrote for the film. It’s a dangerous world out there.

We have released the complete soundtrack through Soundcloud, and it is available for free listening and download!

Rick Holets is an independent film and visual media composer from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Rick likes to spend his time biking, building things, and enjoying his family. He is happy to be able to explore a world that ever increasingly points his heart to God.

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